Dustin's Ugly kittyCode page

This page is ugly. If the input in the field labeled ``Kitty input'' looks like it came from a :CueCat and decodes the scanned value in-line.

If you dig it, and would like to use it for your own good, grab a copy of version 1.4 here. Send me back any enhancements or bug fixes, please, so the rest of the world can enjoy them as well.

This application has a BSD style licensing. I ask that you please keep the copyright information at the top, and you let me know whenever you have a fix. Please don't send me complaints, only enhancements. If you can't do any better, I don't want to hear about it. :)


Thanks to the contributions of Andrew Irwin, KittyCode now has the ability to look up information in various online databases, including the following:

Try it Out

I just realized that due to the additions described above, this form hasn't worked in a while because I didn't update it with the new required fields. I just updated it, and also updated the documentation to list the required fields and what they do.

Kitty input:
Other input:
Your scanner:
Code type:

A better example can be found at this page, including all of the contributions by Andrew Irwin which are found in 1.3.